About Our Company

If you need to scrap a car, we’ll be able to help! We run an car salvage service and junkyard that specializes in taking apart rusting and aging vehicles. The components can then be recycled for future use.


We specialize in the removal and disposal of unwanted cars. In addition to being provided free of charge, you can also financially benefit from this car salvage service. We run a cash for clunkers deal in which you’ll receive a sum of money in exchange for your junk car. 


Auto salvage is actually a very important service. Many old vehicles have potential value that ends up going to waste because no one uses them. Such cars can also pose environmental hazards. Junk car removal and recycling can solve these problems.


We specialize in the free towing and disposal of unwanted cares, and we pay cash for most vehicles. Those who want to get cash for junk cars can do so by contacting us at Hercules Auto Salvage in Haddon Heights, NJ. We are located in the Magnolia area, but we serve the whole South Jersey area. Call us today at (856) 379-7100 and ask for Joe for speedy, reliable, and professional service. 

Note: we do not sell parts

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